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E’ appena stato pubblicato il questionario di analisi dei bisogni per identificare le competenze chiave necessarie al personale che opera in siti storici e museali. Il questionario è disponibili online cliccando qui:

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“Experiential Learning in Historical sites and museums” is a partnership project which intends to create a network of cultural organisations, museums, public funding bodies and training centres in Europe willing to share experiences and different aspects of developing experiential learning activities in museums or historical sites in rural areas.

The partnership will examine the learning possibilities and competences required by staff to develop learning resources to boost the confidence and proficiency of museums and/or historical sites which currently offer limited learning activities.

The intention is to share good and bad practices, case studies on an open platform, involving all actors interested in developing the historical site and/or local community. Furthermore the partnership will develop common guidelines on how to plan experiential learning activities for adults to be used by all organisations or people interested in planning a learning path for adults in historical sites or museums.
“Experiential Learning in Historical sites and museums” is a partnership among Italy, Romania, Belgium, Turkey and Greece which analyses the potentialities of experiential learning for adults in museums and historical sites and develop specific educational paths for each territory by sharing good and bad practices and new ideas in Europe.
The target group of this project are people working in cultural associations, public offices and museums which follow and manage the promotion of historical sites and trainers which manage and plan experiential learning for adults.