Vivere il Museo
Vivere il Museo is a cultural organisation with the mission of promoting tourism and educational paths in schools, families  and for adults in general in the Municipality of Mondavio and the province of Pesaro and Urbino; furthermore the organistaion is engaged in the management of historical monuments and the local theatre which has been recently restructured. Mondavio is a small historical town of the medieval and renaissance period, in the Marche Region, Italy. It’s main attraction is the medieval castle, designed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini and built between 1482 and 1492.  Within the castle a historical museum of clothes and festivities of the renaissance period has been created and is used by Vivere il Museo within different educational sessions to allow visitors to learn and imagine the historical period, thus allowing to learn history, cultures and traditions of the period in an informal way and practice them through practical activities. Vivere il Museo is also a member of “Museo Sarai tu”, a provincial network (in the Province of Pesaro and Urbino) of didactic museums.


University of Oradea

University of Oradea is an integrated institution of higher education comprising 16 faculties. The mission of the University of Oradea is to train and educate on a large scale both the students and also the high education graduates, as well as to approach certain domains of science and technology at high level. The structure of the University contains academic education, postgraduate education and scientific research.

Ename Expertisecentrum voor Erfgoedonstluiting
The Ename Center is an internationally oriented heritage institution that focuses on the role of heritage in contemporary society. As such it was the leading institution in writing and editing the ICOMOS Ename Charter on the Interpretation and Presentation of Cultural Heritage Sites which got officially adopted in 2008. One of the main principles of the charter is the aspect of inclusiveness of local heritage communities in the interpretation of sites. In the project the Ename Center will set up experiential courses in the interpretation of archaeological sites.

Municipality of Denizli
Denizli municipality is very famous for the existing Museum and Historic sites.
In this project we will play important role in sharing all our experience in promoting sites ( from Ottoman empire, Roman time, etc.) and lecturing visitors on the sites.




Environmental Education Centre of Corfu

Environmental Education Center of Corfu

The EEC of Corfu is located in a place of great historical value, combining harmoniously the natural and human environment.

The purpose of the EEC of Corfu is to impart knowledge, inspire values, and cultivate skills to students, teachers and citizens of other professional groups with enriching experiences to raise their awareness on natural and human environment, to build a sustainable future.

zarasu logoZarasai district municipality

Zarasai district municipality administration is dealing with tourism development in the district, promoting small businesses in the region, using the support of EU structural funds preserving culture heritage objects. The organisation plans and coordinates in the district -rural areas organised events-local festivals with promotion of local craft’s products, culinary heritage, local traditions, local businesses, specially related to tourism development, coordinates the work of local museum. In the Strategic development plan of Zarasai district is stated the importance for development of tourism sphere related to culture and museum development.

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