The results of the project are:

ELSHM Needs Analysis Report on competences required by staff working in museums and cultural organisations in order to plan educational learning activities. 

Online community for sharing of experiences and information about museums and historical sites and programmes offered

Educational paths with interactive methodologies for adults to teach the history of the visited place and historical sites

Guidelines on how to plan experiential learning activities for adults

Good Practices

italian flag      ITALY

           Heraldry coat of arms and beautiful mistresses of Mondavio

           – Renaissance couture

           – The palace celebration

Lithuania         LITHUANIA

        – Water-mill-Slyninka-Zarasai

        – Museum of Zarasai Region

Romanian      ROMANIA

       – Artisan for a day

       – Behind closed doors

280px-Flag_of_Greece.svg_      GREECE

     –  Discovering the city of Corfu

     – The forest of Ancient olive trees

Turkey    TURKEY

    – Young Denizli Project

    –  Hope Star project

Belgium flag     BELGIUM

    – Textile Museum of Ronse

    – Command Bunker Kemmelberg

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